Paint the Town Red! Bullfighting in Spain on Costa Dorada Holidays

If you are planning a holiday in Spain, you may be looking for the best tapas restaurants, flamenco activities or even bars with the best sangria. However, there is another traditional aspect of Spanish culture that cannot be ignored: bullfighting.

His practice causes controversy and protests, but remains a hallmark of Spanish life. The name “bullfight” often leads to misunderstandings, because it is not a sport, but an achievement. The Bullfightor asserts its control and power over the bull through a planned and carefully thought-out action. The goal is to read the bull’s behavior to weaken the animal, which will eventually lead to its death. Despite widespread objections to bullfighting, many Spaniards and tourists still flock to see this spectacle across the country.

The Sanfermin Festival, which takes place in Pamplona every July, includes the infamous “Running of the Bulls.” Bulls are allowed to run through the streets with a group of brave rivals, surrounded by a lively crowd of spectators. During the day, the bulls are brought into the ring for the bullfight, which starts around 6:30 p.m. However, many revellers come here only for the sake of an exciting party atmosphere. Sanfermin is, in fact, a big festival of street parties. Fireworks mark the beginning of the celebration, including the procession, and the streets are filled with music and dancing. Pamplona has a number of low-cost holiday offers, but it is recommended to book in advance to avoid crowds at this popular event. El Toro is a country hotel in a quiet location in Berrioplano, just 5 km from Pamplona city centre. Staying here means enjoying the tranquility of the countryside in the run-up to the holidays.

In 2010, the Catalan parliament voted to ban bullfighting. It is the first region of mainland Spain to have a ban that will come into force in January 2012. Catalonia with the capital Barcelona is a thriving region with two very different coasts. Although the Costa Brava is known for its rugged coastline, miles of fine golden sand make the Costa Dorado popular with tourists. Plaza Monumental de Barcelona is the only functioning arena in Catalonia. The bullfighting season usually ends at the end of September, so take the opportunity to witness this tradition in the region before the ban takes effect. If you don’t want to attend a bullfight but want to learn more about the practice, The Monumental also houses the Bullfighting Museum. Here you can learn all about the history of bullfighting and see the many artifacts that enliven history.