Christmas Holidays to the Ultimate Winter Wonderland: Lapland

Bring back the magic of Christmas this year with an exciting adventure beyond the Arctic Circle. With so many wonderful holidays in Lapland to choose from, really the best time to personally tell Santa what you want in your stocking. There is something to entertain all non-believers by sledding and skiing in abundance. In other words, if you don’t get carried away with all the fun of fairy tales.

Have fun with Santa Claus

To have fun with your family, head to Santa’s Lapland, a Christmas theme park where everything seems a little magical. There is nothing better than meeting Santa Claus during your stay in Lapland. Whether you’re introducing your current list to Mr Christmas himself or watching the elves in action, there’s no better place to take advantage of one of the late holidays available this Christmas. You can even escape from the cold Arctic climate through the chimney in Santa’s cave.

Or, if you want to get another traditional experience, why not enjoy the history of the Arctic? In this atmospheric experience you can listen to one of the locals charmingly tell the stories of the region.

Fast in the snow

Away from the magical hut of Santa Claus you will find a lot of fun with a number of snow-covered thrills. Whether you’re riding a dog sled or enjoying a vigorous snowmobile ride, you’ve got a lot of things that will make your heart beat faster. You can even hug your inner Santa while on vacation by sledding. Whether you take the reins after learning the basics or listen to stories about Santa’s sleight of hand, it’s a guaranteed entertainment for the whole family.

Skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing also give thrill seekers the opportunity to explore the scenic snow-white terrain. You may need thermal baths or a glass of mulled wine to complete the experience.

Magnificent Northern Lights

During the winter holidays it is important to remember that Lapland is not only Santa Claus, but also one of the seven natural wonders of the world on the threshold.

This manifestation of natural light (created by the collision of atoms), known as the Northern Lights or the Northern Lights, is one of the most exciting and sometimes the strangest spectacles in the Northern Hemisphere.

Whether you experience it as part of a sleigh adventure in the woods or on your own, this is an attraction to visit. And with the planned number of routes it has never been easier – if the weather allows. Other attractions, such as a glass igloo village, an ice bar and the world’s largest snow restaurant, can also be included to make this journey eventful.