Cheap Package Holidays: Top Tips for the Hottest Spots in Tinseltown

Whether you’re visiting the country of the rich and famous to witness Lakers basketball games, or want to have fun in Hollywood, the City of Angels has something for everyone. California’s most populous city has a Mediterranean climate, averaging just 35 rainy days a year. It’s easy to get one of the fantastic holiday deals, so why not take the plunge and explore this fantastic city?

Great games

Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles is the center of major sports, well-known musical performances and home to the Los Angeles Lakers. In addition to the Los Angeles Convention Center, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and many other artists of various genres have performed at this main venue since opening in 1991. It’s also a place to go if you want to see them. own lawn – why can’t you? The team has the longest winning streak in NBA history, and if you want to play baseball, these guys are worth watching.

The Amazing Universe

No trip to Los Angeles would be complete without a visit to Universal Studios. Move away from sports and immerse yourself in the world of filmmaking by making a behind-the-scenes path into this wonderful industry. To the left of the infamous Hollywood sign, this tourist hit, which is worth a visit, attracts between four and five million visitors annually. Then, if you’re still looking for the goodies of Tinseltown, take a walk down the Walk of Fame and look at this famous street dotted with palm prints of Hollywood’s finest masters.

Stunning Santa Monica

Head west to downtown and you’ll discover Santa Monica. Not just any neighborhood in Los Angeles – it’s a separate city – it has a lot to offer locals and tourists with its rich coastline, spacious shopping malls and the best restaurants. It has a lush beach, which on one side is facing the Pacific Ocean, and on all sides is surrounded by different parts of Los Angeles. So there’s no excuse not to try this with lots of affordable package tours available.