Epic Holidays for Dinosaur Lovers

Cities around the world are full of wonderful shows and exhibitions for dinosaur lovers, where you can spend the day exploring the natural history of the continents. Travelers crossing the Atlantic to spend their holidays in New York City can see the exhibits of the American Museum of Natural History, one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the world. Special exhibits in the museum include the transverse sections of the Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus) in life-size, one of the largest dinosaurs that lived on Earth 65 million years ago.

The museum also features the world’s first sauropod dinosaur, Apatosaurus, collected in the 1890s. However, one of the most significant exhibits is the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex found in Montana, which consists mainly of real fossilized bones, not of commonly used synthetic materials. . The bone frame of the giant stegosaurus is one of the most popular exhibits of the museum for dinosaur enthusiasts; Many wonder how such a large animal survived with a relatively small brain – a mystery that has baffled archaeologists since the discovery of stegosaurus.

The IMAX experience at the American Museum of Natural History “Sea Rex” attracts large crowds to watch a film about ocean life that preceded dinosaurs and turned into the terrifying mammals we know so well. The picturesque location of the museum on the outskirts of Central Park in New York Makes it an ideal starting point or end point for those looking for an inexpensive vacation in America’s most populous city. After relaxing walks in the park in the afternoon, you can see the extensive collections of the Guggenheim Museum or the huge Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka the Metropolitan) on East Drive.

Holidaymakers staying closer to home can choose from dinosaur exhibits across Europe, including the Natural History Museum in London, one of the world’s most famous dinosaur collections. The museum is located behind an original Romanesque facade decorated with miniature animals instead of gargoyles. The collection includes a room with dinosaurs, which ends with an incredibly realistic animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex. The O2 Arena in London hosts the Dinosaurs on the Loose show, which features 25 life-size dinosaurs and a host of other fun exhibits.

The team that created The Dinosaur Walk for the BBC has a travelling exhibition called The Spectacular Arena. This narrative show features large animatronic dinosaurs that feed, hunt and fly in front of excited viewers. The show has been held in Europe, North America and the Far East, and the following concerts will take place in Australia and New York. Travellers booking Packages Antipodes can check dates and locations and plan to see an extensive permanent collection of fossils at the Australian Museum in Sydney.