Pretty Girl Dating an Ugly Guy – What is Going On?

We have all seen it from time to time. A pretty girl พริตตี้สาวสวย hand in hand with what we consider an ugly looking guy? What could be the reason for the attraction we ask ourselves. Here are your answers.

True love

There are two types of people who really know who their friends are. They know their friends like them for all the right reasons. An ugly guy can be sure his friends like him for the right reasons, and a person who is poor knows people like him for the right reasons.

In the reverse of that, a pretty girl can never be really sure who likes her for what she looks and presents like, rather than what she looks for. More so a pretty girl who has money behind her. In this fake, dirty and look out for number one world, a pretty girl is most often used.

In this world to be ugly and love yourself is a great feat indeed. Therefore an ugly guy will love himself for all the right reasons. A guy born ugly knows that it was just a chance in genetics that made him who he is to look at, so too, he knows that it was purely genetics that made a pretty girl pretty.

When a pretty girl comes across an ugly guy in a work situation or at college, her first reaction isn’t, “I want to date this guy” But with time spent with an ugly guy, she can be happily impressed with his sense of self confidence and his loving himself for all the good and pure reasons on earth. This self confidence in himself for all the right reasons, is one thing that she lacks in her life.

Soon she is taken with him and she knows when he dates her that he loves her for all the right reasons, for who she is inside, rather than what she looks like. She prefers to have him over all the vanity in the world that can be found in handsome rich guys.

Money and something a girl wants

Some pretty girls will date a guy for money, or the fact that he has something that she wants in life. Many pretty girls do this, but I prefer that many marry because of true love.