Which Are the Best Pool Algaecide?

best pool algaecides

It can be tough to choose the best pool algaecides, but we’ve narrowed down a few of our favorites. We’ve covered Kem-Tek, Rx Clear, and In the Swim, and will discuss their benefits and use cases. Which is the best? Read on to find out! And don’t forget to wear personal protective equipment! Here are the main types of algaecide. Read on for some helpful tips!


For larger pools, algaecide is a great option. It will kill all types of algae, without changing pH levels or having a strong smell. Unlike some products, it won’t stain your hair or clothes, and it won’t change the color of your pool, so you won’t have to worry about reddish water after a few days. There are also swim-safe formulas that you don’t need to wait to use.

The SeaKlear Algae Prevention and Remover is the only pool algaecide that requires just one application every three months. It works effectively against green, black, and mustard algae. The formula’s long-lasting residual ensures that it won’t stain pool surfaces. And unlike other chemicals, it doesn’t damage your wallet either. This product comes with a 90-day guarantee to keep your pool algae-free.

Rx Clear

You can use Rx Clear pool algaecides for a variety of purposes. Rx Clear Algaecide 60 Plus kills green, blue-green, mustard, black, and other types of algae. It is safe to use in your swimming pool and is effective in eliminating over 20,000 strains of algae. It contains a surfactant and polyethylene dichloride, two substances that coat algae cells. Both compounds prevent carbon dioxide from penetrating the cells.

Poly-Quats are more effective than regular Quats but are more expensive. You can use these in either a 30% or 60% strength. If you’re worried about the side effects of the chemical, Rx Clear is a heat-activated, multi-season algaecide that leaves zero residue. It’s safe to use around children and pets, but be sure to read the product label thoroughly. It’s not a good idea to mix algaecide with shock.


To prevent algae blooms, use Kem-Tek pool algaecides as a part of your routine maintenance routine. Algaecide 60% is effective in controlling the growth of algae. This product is recommended for use once per week. If you wish to use it on a more frequent basis, you can use Algaecide 60% as an added treatment every time you want to use the pool.

Kem-Tek Algaecide is one of the best products to use to get rid of algae in a swimming pool. This algaecide contains polyquaternium, a substance that works well on almost all types of algae. This compound attaches itself to the negatively charged cells of algae, smothering them and preventing regrowth. This chemical doesn’t affect the surface of your pool and is safe for saltwater and chlorine pools.

In the Swim

In the Swim pool algaecides are a great way to get rid of the dreaded green, yellow, and black algae. These compounds, often called Quats, attach to negative algae cells and suffocate their growth. These products are available in a variety of concentrations, from 10% to 50%. The most common problems that algae cause include foaming, staining, and odor.

The In the Swim Super Algaecide is a very potent and effective product for both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. Typically, you should add a couple of tablespoons to your pool’s regular cleaning cycle. Clorox also makes an algaecide, XtraBlue Algaecide. While the cost is higher, it’s worth it for the algae control benefits it offers.


If you want your pool to stay clean and free of green, black, or mustard algae, then Clorox pool algaecides are the answer. This powerful multi-functioning algaecide can kill all types of algae in just 24 hours. It is especially effective against black, mustard, and green algae, and is safe for use in all types of pools. The following are some examples of Clorox pool algaecides. These products may be worth checking out:

Clorox pool algaecides contain ingredients to control the growth of cyanobacteria, which is the main source of green algae. It can help prevent algae growth in the first place, as well as treat the current algae problems. Algaecide also works to disperse the chemicals in the water, so that they can do their job better. If you are concerned that algae is ruining the beauty of your pool, Clorox pool algaecides are a good choice.