Swim With Dolphins With the Best Florida Holiday Deals

Florida is known for a reason as the Sunshine State: with its warm climate, clear blue water and white sandy beaches, it is also one of the best places in the world to swim with dolphins. Thanks to the huge selection of destinations offering this special experience, each holidaymaker is available a number of vacation offers.

Florida is known for its wealth of dolphins, and there is a wide choice to enjoy meeting dolphins, whether it’s a built-in room or meeting these marine mammals in the wild.

Discovery Cove in Orlando is an all-inclusive resort and one of the best places in Florida, and the Dolphin Swim Day Resort offers a comprehensive experience with dolphins where visitors can touch and swim with them. The resort also offers a free-flight aviary, a tropical snorkeling reef, a freshwater bay and a windy river, including breakfast and snacks, as well as special packages with other complexes.

The popular Miami Seaquarium Marine Park, located in Biscayne Bay, is home to dolphin harbor and offers special interactive and educational programs for its visitors: Dolphin Odyssey, where participants can get to know the dolphin and even walk along it. pool and meeting with shallow dolphins for those who prefer not to swim but can still communicate with these beautiful creatures. Shows featuring dolphins, sea lions, killer whales and crocodiles, as well as other marine animals are also part of the proposed activities.

Marine Dolphinland Adventure in St. Augustine, declared “the world’s first aquarium”, offers its visitors a variety of programs. The quest offers an intimate experience with groups of only two people, while the most popular option is “Immersion,” a meeting in shallow water or depth with marine life.

The Grassi-Ki Center for Dolphin Research, which focuses on research and training, is just one of Florida’s specialized research centers for these animals. Through a more educational approach, the nonprofit center offers stories and educational presentations about dolphins and sea lions throughout the day, with a number of interactive programs including a day coach or explorer, superficial and in-depth. meeting with water dolphins and the opportunity to get a T-shirt drawn by one of the dolphins of the center. The new Sprayground also offers entertainment for the whole family.

Most resorts offer one-on-one contact with dolphins, but as this activity remains so popular, visitors are always advised to book in advance.

Great for last minute holidays, swimming with wild dolphins doesn’t require pre-booking and there’s no better place for that than on The Kee West. The Key West area, a hotspot for dolphins, is even referred to as a ‘dolphin playground’ because of the hundreds of wild dolphins inhabiting these waters. A number of small businesses offer the opportunity to see these creatures in their natural habitat, and while encounters are generally guaranteed, there are strict rules to minimize the impact on wildlife. Wild About Dolphins is one such company with a maximum of six passengers who can board the Amazing Grace boat for a four-hour trip (including a visit to the playground and a second snorkeling stop).

A packaged stay is a great option to take full advantage of Florida’s advantageous location, and given so much to offer, there is definitely no better place to swim with these beautiful creatures.






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