Revive Your Senses With Spectacular Carnival Holidays in Brazil

Brazil is the main holiday destination in South America and offers visitors the opportunity to get different holiday experiences depending on the region of the country they visit. Vacation in Brazil is suitable for all categories of travelers, from adventurers to those who want to have a fun holiday in the city. Nature lovers who want to explore the Amazon can arrange excursions from one of the major cities. Due to its tropical climate, Brazil is also suitable for year-round travel. Even in temperate southern states, the average winter temperature is 18 degrees Celsius or higher.

The end of the Brazilian summer coincides with the official end of the European winter and the national carnival, which was famous for the biggest party in Rio de Janeiro. Carnival began as a religious holiday, when people had to spend the last days of excess before they were lent. The national festival has since evolved from the largest and brightest carnival in the world. Each parade features large non-standard platforms, carnival queens and dancers from the best samba schools of the host city.

Those who rest at the last minute in the major cities of Brazil, Rio, El Salvador or Sao Paulo, can try to take a seat at one of the carnival stadiums. Samba school processions pass by stadiums, and their colorfully dressed dancers compete for the best dance in front of the 60,000-strong crowd in Rio. In Rio, holidaymakers can visit some of the city’s famous landmarks, such as Sugarloaf Mountain, with spectacular views of the city and small islands stretching to the Atlantic Ocean. Travellers can also spend time admiring Sugar Head from Rio’s pristine beaches.

Holidaymakers travelling in Europe in the summer in July and August should travel to El Salvador, the capital of the northern state of Bahia. Winter temperatures are averaging 27 degrees Celsius and above, so visitors can spend most of their time soaking up the sun on el Salvador’s southern beaches. Founded by the Portuguese in 1549, El Salvador is full of interesting historical sites that can be visited day and night while enjoying Brazil’s national festivals. Anyone who visits El Salvador in August will get an interesting insight into Afro-Brazilian culture during The Festa do Boa Morte.

The Festival of Good Death, as it is called in English, is a mixture of West African and European religious influences. Tourists can watch or even take part in dance processions that pass through the streets to the beat of drums. History buffs can choose from the impressive array of museums in El Salvador or the ornate cathedral built between 1657 and 1672. The cathedral is one of the best works of Portuguese Baroque architecture in the world and it is worth seeing for those looking for the best of their vacation. Brazil.