Lint-Free Disposable Wipes to Keep Your Home Clean and safe

Lint is a serious problem in any home. Lint may be visible, but it has no smell. It is invisible, but it makes your house look messy and dirty. When you think about it, lint is actually pretty unimportant. But lint does have many negative effects on homes and people who live there. It can cause drywall to split, forced air ducts to get clogged with lint, and play havoc with your air conditioner. In fact, reports that every time a home owner sweeps the floor after cleaning the house or leaves refuse around for pickup trucks to pick up, they are adding more lint than necessary. It is so prevalent in homes that extension cords are often used to help keep the lint from straying into the living area of the house or from getting under the furniture into electrical outlets.

Why Do Homes Have Lint?

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is why their homes have so much lint. The short answer is “lint is normal”. Unfortunately, the long answer is not much more reassuring. We are all made of material that is flexible, easily deformed, and often very dusty. When we come in contact with dust or dirt, our bodies produce a lot of static electricity to try and combat the invasion. This static electricity causes tiny objects like dust and hair to stick to our hairs and pores, making them visible on our pores and skin. But this is only the beginning. The lint from our clothes and upholstery also gets stuck in our pores and, over time, causes skin to become more sensitive to the sun’s rays and more susceptible to wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin related diseases. So, why is lint normal? To best understand this, remember that dust can be very tiny and fibrous, or very small and lightweight. When materials with different properties come into contact with each other, they can become lint. The dust from our environment is made up of many smaller materials, like dirt and sand, which we can’t see. When dust from our environment gets caught in our pores, it becomes invisible to the naked eye. Know more about lint free lab wipes here.

How Can You Get Rid of Lint?

The best way to get rid of lint is not to bring it in the first place. Here are a few ways: – Refrain from carpeting and upholstering. These are easy ways to bring in lint. – Don’t use a vacuum. Instead, use a lint roller. They are cheap, easy to find, and do a better job of picking up lint than a standard vacuum. – Don’t use a hand vacuum. These pick up more lint than a standard vacuum, making it harder for it to be picked up by the filter. – Don’t use a Giotto floor sweeper. These are dangerous when it comes to picking up lint, as they can strike any nearby combustible material, such as a fuse or a light switch.