Jamaica For All Inclusive Holidays

Is there a better candidate for an all-inclusive holiday with its beaches fringed by palm trees, and a laid-back atmosphere than Jamaica? The most famous island of the Caribbean sea certainly has the beaches and atmosphere that make the Caribbean islands such a popular holiday destination. However, this destination offers more for visitors looking to break out of their resort and experience what else the island has to offer:

Rose Room
Tourists who love spooky stories and want to get involved in the gloom of their all-inclusive holiday should head to Rose Hall, where they will discover that the name is the only beauty of this mansion. Rose Hall was once home to an incredibly beautiful woman named Annie Palmer, nicknamed the “White Witch of Rose Hall.” Annie was killed in 1831, but not before she got rid of three husbands who allegedly used the power of voodoo magic. Annie’s death was the result of a slave revolt on the estate caused by a love triangle between her, a slave and a estate manager. Today, tourists can safely drink in the pub in the restored dungeons, where Annie kept and imprisoned the victims of slavery.

Dunn River Falls
More and more holidaymakers can finally visit natural wonders such as Dunns River, as Jamaica becomes more and more cheap holiday offers. The famous waterfalls are just five kilometres from Ochio Rios, and many travel companies organise trips from major tourist resorts. The famous waterfall of the Dunn River descends 180 meters, forming cool pools among the smooth cliffs. Many tourists try to climb to the top with a guide and a rope – wet! For those who make the ascent, there is a reward – fresh seafood from the restaurant on the beach below.

Bob Marley Museum
When Bob Marley introduced reggae to the Western world, no one realized the huge impact it would have on contemporary music. The 31-year-old singer sadly died of cancer in 1981, but 30 years later his old home, now the Museum of Memories, is still Jamaica’s most visited place. The museum is open Monday to Saturday, and tours are held hourly. One-time Lapse House is the place where the singer recorded all his songs, and in the same room where Bob wrote such hits as No Woman, No Cry and I Shot the Sheriff, vacationers can watch an award-winning documentary about the artist’s life. .

Jablum Coffee Company
Jamaica has a worldwide reputation for two drinks: rum and coffee. Blue Mountain coffee is the best on the market, and tourists will be able to experience it on themselves during a tour of the coffee factory. The century-old business is open from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on weekdays, but excursions, including samples and a review of the production process, should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

Emily Collins is a travel writer with extensive knowledge of all-inclusive holidays in Jamaica.