20 Simple Expert Collision Points

From organizing tips to help you maximize your space to designing hacks that make everything look simplified, these clutter techniques will change your way of life. And if you really want to check your house, don’t miss our best cleaning tips of all time. If you are always looking for things or you still lose sight of that favorite shirt, you have to create zones. Basically sort your items into separate sections to make things easier to find. Put “likes” items together, such as T-shirts, sweaters and party clothes. Or even color sorting to help you find things faster.

Then save everything, with the most commonly used items in the most accessible places, such as the top drawer. Keeping your home organized and messy is where the real challenge comes in! You need a change in your mentality and include the organization in your daily life. Take a new policy so that you always take the extra step to return an item after using it.

Use containers and baskets to organize similar items and label your containers so you know what happens when you download your next shopping round. Thanks, Shannon, I enjoy your excellent information. I went through cupboards, drawers, cupboards, my garage and I hope to get into my basement while I stay at home. Unfortunately Home Builder I have noticed that not much is thrown away. Technically, you could sell items you no longer want, and if you really need the money, go ahead and do it. BUT this also tends to slow down the clutter process because you have to take the time to set the price, make a list and deliver / organize the pick-up of items you sell.

“Before you do anything, open all cabinets and take a good look,” advises Vicky Silverthorn, professional organizer of You Need A Vicky. Many people start organizing a kitchen by taking everything out of the cupboards and placing it on the counter. Believe me, this will fill the space faster than you think. It is important to work in a specific area of your attic or basement at the same time. Start with a set of shelves, a stack of boxes, seasonal decorations or clothes and toys for older children.

Make sure to label the contents clearly while putting everything you keep back in boxes and containers. If you don’t want to write directly to a container, you can burn a paper list at the front to have a visible inventory of what’s inside. You can also use a tag maker to add semi-permanent and removable tags. Another option is to store items in transparent containers so that you can more easily see what’s inside.

Family “treasures”, antique decor and everything like “I’ll be there later”. When you mess up these spaces, you may need to reserve a lot of time to go through everything. When you squeak, you start small projects, such as a single drawer or shelf, so you get the feeling that you have achieved something. This is a bit like Dave Ramsey’s first step, where he first pays the lowest balance debts. If something shows significant signs of wear, throw it away.