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South Africa is not a communist country. Its economy is identified as capitalist more than often. But owing to the private ownership, combined with the centralized economic planning and governmental regulation, the business in South Africa is recognized by a mixed economy forsooth.

According to these facts, we can forecast it will be the upcoming primary market with the booming growth and opportunities promised. Today we’ll explore the five largest in-demand businesses in South Africa. What challenges for newbies will come ahead in this regard? How to tackle these circumstances.

5 Largest Businesses in South Africa

Communication and IT

South Africa is considered a hub of communication and informational technology. Indeed, an essential contributor to South Africa’s overall GDP. The country’s ICT and electronic market are developed enough to serve its neighboring countries as well. Plus, it has the world’s 4th largest smartphone market.

Several programs have been promoted in this region to provide skillset to young people. They include AI, coding, cloud computing, and networking.


South Africa has the largest reserves of gold and platinum. Also viewed as a 4th diamond leading the market in the world. The exportation of Metals and coals is also a huge source of income for this country. GDP acquired from mining was almost USD 2.06 million during the 1st quarter of 2018. And it reached USD 2.07 million by the end of 2020.


Agriculture is another notable contributor to Africa’s GDP. Mainly due to the large population, which increases the demand for food items. During COVID, it was the only sector that seemed prosperous and delivered positive outcomes collectively for business in South Africa.


The insurance industry is continuously thriving in South Africa. People are now aware of the exciting benefits of having insurance for their firms and health. If we just consider short-term insurance companies, they are worth $6 billion alone.

Real Estate

The real estate business has a broad scope, not only for business in South Africa but worldwide. Property selling, maintaining, and reselling can generate high incomes, which must be appealing to everybody.

In South Africa, due to the immersed population and high birth rate, houses are getting scarce. From flats to townhouses, you can purchase and locate well-established and well-constructed buildings quickly.

Challenges Faced by Start-Ups

If you are going to start your business in South Africa, you’ll surely require some adequate knowledge to sink ineffectively. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting bankrupt.

Minimum resources

Many entrepreneurs fail to pitch their idea in front of financiers or funders due to a lack of experience and insufficient knowledge. Preliminary market research and a business plan are necessary.

Most of the SMMEs are founded by the underserved members of the society in South Africa.

No innovation

The key to success in business is innovation. Without it, there is minimal chance of its growth in the world.

For business in South Africa, small start-ups are usually led by those people who seek a continuous income-generated alternative to unemployment. Due to a lack of innovative ideas, these businesses typically end up without generating sufficient benefits for the owner.

Access to the professionals

As graduates, we often work in large enterprises or multinational companies that promise more opportunities, job security, and high salaries.

Businesses that are established on a small scale, are usually unable to offer these benefits to employees. That’s why they are incapable of reaching skilled professionals and end up with incompetent staff.

The Bottom Line to Business in South Africa

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