What Not To Do In Egypt

You will see many beauties and visit many monuments, from graves to temples such as the Valley of the Kings, the Karnak Temple, the Luxor Temple, Abu Simbel and the Philae Temple. Book your luxury trip to Egypt now during a luxury Nile cruise from one of our luxury tours of Egypt and discover the meaning of the word luxury with its extreme satisfaction, comfort and joy. Embark on a romantic journey if you are looking for a romantic vacation or honeymoon in Egypt?

This desert land can be extremely hot, so pack a lot of bottled water. Say goodbye to your Nubian friends this morning and take a private truck in Luxor’s “open air museum” (about 3.5 hours drive). From the spectacular Karnak temple complex to the Valley of the Kings, Luxor is filled with beautifully preserved memories of the pharaohs.

Real Egypt is officially registered as a travel service provider in Egypt and is owned and operated by Samir Abbass. Samir and his friendly and well-trained team can lead you all over Egypt, each with an excellent knowledge of the places they will visit and is committed to sharing their passion for their country. We want to bring you the best experience in Egypt that connects you to history, culture and people, and makes you feel like you’ve done much more than just seeing the sights. We are committed to making the best possible route for you. We try not to squeeze too much in a few hours, we give time to take any place and the trip can be extended if you wish. We don’t take him to tourist traps to buy or eat, or to another place where he feels under pressure.

I strongly recommend doing this tour because the guide was very knowledgeable and I met some fantastic friends during the 9 days I was in Egypt. Experience the least traveled road in Siwa Oasis, a desert settlement near the Libyan border. The city is known for its unique Berber culture, its abundant date and olive plantations and the ruined temple of ancient Ammonorecel. Make sure to check the current travel alerts before booking a trip to Siwa as the western desert may be unsafe. Egypt is a country full of history, culture and landscapes, and if you have the best time to travel to Egypt, every holiday in Egypt is a new adventure that takes place.

C., Luxor Temple was the location of the annual Opet Festival, where Thebans would celebrate royal renewal. Luxor Temple also claims to be the original location of the obelisk that now adorns Place de la Concorde in Paris. Today, visitors can see where he once was and see the double obelisk in front of his house.

Spending 4 days in Cairo is considered the most convenient time to visit most of the best highlights in Cairo, including the majestic historical, Islamic and Coptic attractions. For centuries, tourists have fled to Egypt to admire the ancient pyramids and temples. The Nile is the longest in the world and the coast of the Red Sea is a playground for resort-style relaxation and adventure water sports. At the heart of Egypt’s cultural identity is Cairo, a cosmopolitan capital where historic churches, mosques and museums come together with luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants. Discover all this and more with our handy guide to Egypt’s top attractions. Of all the incredible attractions in Egypt, the Giza Pyramids are without doubt the most famous and iconic.

From the observation deck at the top or from the windows of one of the two restaurants, visitors to the Cairo Tower can get a beautiful view of Cairo, the Giza Pyramids and the Nile River. The tower can be very full as there is only one small lift, but the best view from the Cairo Tower is in the late morning or late afternoon when the sky is brighter. If you want to organize things yourself, massage in Hurghada be careful when choosing a dive center. Those connected to large hotels or with long-term ties to organizations such as PADI are safer bets than street suits, but smart facilities are less important than the way their equipment is handled. Also note the location of the compressor used to fill the tanks; If you are near a road or other source of pollution, breathe it in underwater.

C. The Pharaohs were buried with their worldly treasures amid spectacular hieroglyphics. In addition to the standard entrance fee, you must pay an extra EGP 100 to visit the most famous grave: that of the boy king Tutankhamun. Visiting Egypt with thousands of years of history around the corner is a dream come true. See the pyramids at sunset, wander through ancient temples and dive into the Red Sea.