Starflex Belt Warmers

The width allows them to supply a greater amount of heat to a narrower nozzle or cylinder. Tire heaters are often used in the production or processing of equipment to heat air in small quantities. They can also be used to melt ice in channels and channels and can keep them completely snow and ice free in winter if properly lined and insulated.

These same features also offer excellent cooling properties, making Starflex tires also available with water cooling, as well as a cool tire like a cold / thermal tire. Two-piece flexible points with stainless steel hose and separate strap. Two-piece flexible tips with stainless steel overfinger and separate strap. Our complete inventory of surplus stock products is listed below. Overstock products include some specific belt warmers, cartridge heaters, thermocouples and RTDs. Prices are 30% of the original list price.

Two-part pool terminals at each end of each half, terminal tabs . Ceramic tires are recommended here because efficient heat transfer is not affected by uneven surfaces or loose adjustment. At higher water densities, they can be used in larger steps than other heaters. This means you can reduce the number of tires used and simplify wiring.

Elmec Band heaters can be found in different types of dimensions, strength, stresses and material. Our belt heaters are made with the latest technology. Belt heaters are the ideal solution for high water densities Mica Band Heater Manufacturer and applications with high operating temperatures, especially for the plastics industry. The different types of belt warmers available at Elmec Heaters include mica-insulated belt warmers and ceramic belt warmers.

Serves manufacturers and resellers of original equipment, industrial users and engineering firms. Invented items are available for same day shipping via UPS and engine load or the airline the following day. The main specifications include physical dimensions, including bandwidth, thickness and inner diameter, as well as the type of heating element, electrical requirements and temperature range.

Ceramic belt warmers are designed with internal resistance coils wrapped in an even wire spiral by interlocking insulated ceramic “mosaics”. The ceramic core, or tile “athe”, is located under a stainless steel plate with serrated edges. This combined ceramic belt heating assembly offers a flexible heating system that produces an efficient transmission of conduction and radiated heat. The heat from the ceramic belt comes from the internal coils that conduct heat at maximum temperatures.

The configuration may be full for coverage of 360 ° or some degree of partial deformation. Internal tires for heating from the inside are also available. Low profile terminals are available in all mica belt warmers with pile terminals. Then specify the available power and voltage and you are ready to go!

Manufacturer of standard and custom ceramic belt warmers. Ceramic knuckle belt warmers during the day. Characteristic of stainless steel cover with ceramic knuckles and nickel chrome element wire for high temperatures.