Silver tape – Perhaps Sweden’s most well-known tape?

Silver tape is a well-known product in Sweden. The product is usually called in English “duct tape” or “cloth repair tape”.

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The origin of the silver tape dates back to the Second World War. The military needed a waterproof tape to keep moisture and water out of the ammunition boxes. This was also why the silver tape was originally green. After use, it was quickly noticed that the tape was good for so much more than just keeping moisture out of ammunition. People started repairing, mending and bundling things with this tape.

Nowadays, there is a whole host of different qualities and properties of this product. Strength and quality are often determined by 1, how dense the fabric/back material is. 2, What is the total thickness of the tape. A dense weave that is strong and a good layer of “glue”, adhesive, is essential for a good quality silver tape.

We at Sanojtape have a wide range of different woven tapes and silver tapes in different colors and thicknesses. Below is an excerpt of various products.

• A good typical silver tape of good quality. Classic 50mm width and with a length of 50m. Only available in silver as a color.

• Our premium product with a full thickness of 0.3mm. Dense weave and natural rubber adhesive make this tape very strong.

• Tissue tapes in various fluorescent colors available in green, yellow, orange and pink.

• Premium camo tape in camouflage pattern. Powerful tape that withstands most.

The most common adhesive is natural rubber adhesive that has been modified to have a higher initial stickiness to the outside. There are also woven tapes that are coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive to, for example, withstand UV light or temperatures better.