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I used to travel with a big heavy tripod, which although I guaranteed that my photos were sharp and focused, was not the easiest to travel. Fortunately, there are many options today when it comes to tripods, and many companies produce products that make them easy to travel. The Beast Clamp is a light grip option that works well with a variety of phones. It’s smaller than the other grip on this list and lately I started wearing it in my bag more often for that exact reason (if you don’t mind the fewest mounting points). It’s great when you need extra stability, especially when you take photos or videos and you love a full size tripod.

The triple access system allows you to reach your camera from the front or on both sides. The side doors are great for quick access – just swing the bag to your front and you have a handy, safe entrance to grab your camera and start shooting. As a sling, the bag can be adjusted to go over the shoulders and as a backpack it has not only padded shoulder straps, but also a belt and chest strap to distribute weight evenly. The bag is large enough for an 8 “connected” lens SLR camera, as well as additional lenses, flash drives and accessories. The best camera accessories are not necessarily large, expensive or complicated.

The free version is generally necessary for all people who start and when they get over it, they can decide to switch to a paid version or find an alternative. Mylio is closest to Lightroom for organization and critical development tools. It also adds the benefits of seamless working on all major platforms (Mac / window and iOS / Android). Catalog images effectively and easily from all cameras that you can use from smartphone to dSLR in one place, and provide a super simple automatic backup option for images. For registration I don’t work for Mylio or I get any benefit from it, it just seems like a tool I like to recommend. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found some value in what I have to say.

The problem is that most monitors outside the box have major color problems, or that they are not good monitors in the first place. It is important that you buy a monitor that is an “IPS” panel (flat switch) and get at least an 8-bit monitor (and ideally a wide monitor of 10 bits or more). This way your monitor can display the best color range and offer you the best color reproduction. One of the most reasonable options we recommend is the Dell U2415, for $ 220. However, you should read our guide to buy a good photo monitor before buying anything so you know better specifications to look for. To edit your photos you need some kind of post-processing software.

Our recommendation is to wait for some of these more specialized equipment to purchase until you have a good idea of what kind of photography you want to follow. For example, you don’t want to buy a set of high-quality studio lights, just to realize that you prefer landscape photography over portraits. A tripod is one of those must-have photo accessories that every photographer should have in his bag, no matter what they take pictures of. If you want to take pictures of beautiful sunsets, super sharp landscapes, dream waterfalls, incredible astrophotography or low light shots, a good tripod is crucial.

Alternatively, it may be your choice to shoot in the rain or snow. If one of the covers is like this, it is best to play safely and protect your camera body, lenses and any connected electronic accessories. To wear one of Moment’s lenses you need to invest in a Moment Photo Case, but the designs are elegant and offer excellent comprehensive protection. If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone photography blog 13, Moment MagSafe contains magnets so you can use MagSafe accessories, such as your own set of supports to combine tripods, microphones, lighting and more. Even if you don’t have a new iPhone, your Force magnetic covers for other phones are compatible with the same accessories. The three together are a powerful combination to keep your photography equipment and accessories at hand.

Rod is the editor of Group Reviews for Digital Camera World and throughout Future’s photo portfolio, with decades of experience with all kinds of cameras. He previously edited techniques at N-Photo, Chief of Evidence for the Photography Department and editor of Camera Channel at TechRadar. He has been writing about photography, photo editing and digital cameras since the first appearance, before which he started his career writing about film photography. Your smartphone camera is already excellent, but the main shortage is the built-in and very small lens. With the help of professional optics, Moment lenses significantly expand the possibilities of your phone’s camera. Here is the Anamorphic Moment lens, which is perfect for video or photography of outermost landscapes.