Podcast Guests

If you don’t define your main message, it’s hard to stand out. Then you need one call-to-action for each show. One mistake novice podcast guests make is trying to connect too many things at once.

And then there’s that media offering that’s more than one, you know, maybe I’ll give you my email, maybe we’ll make a connection, maybe I’ll watch a video of you. Maybe I’ll buy your book even if you have a book to offer that kind of thing. So there’s an exchange, and then there’s the big part of let’s go with everything. And that could be an online Podcast interviews course, if you have one that could set up a strategy session to talk to, you know, give them your meeting link to really talk to you if you have something like that to offer. But it’s kind of like that deeper connection, which a webinar could be, you know, your median offering could be a five-minute video, here are three tips for doing this.

How do you stand out when everything has been done before? You have a unique and clear message and voice. Here’s how to stand out with podcast hosts.

As a podcast guest, you can reach a powerful new audience, build relationships with listeners, and create loyal connections. Consumers are empowered, and everyone is a consumer with podcast hosts, rights, or other media. They’re going to do a quick Google search. They’re going to check your website and see if it has a media page, right? If you don’t have these things, I’m not saying it will stop you from doing anything, but why not? So what I like to do is lead them into the past and say, “Oh, hey, you’re looking for Josh Elledge, let me show you what I’d like to show you.” So I’m going to lead with my authority.

You can reuse your interviews in different formats. Finally, there are the benefits of SEO. Being a podcast guest is one of the most underrated ways to earn high-quality backlinks for your site. Most podcast hosts post show notes on their website with each episode, and these usually include links to you and your business. This means that every interview you do generates new backlinks to your site. The effect of these compounds over time helps to significantly increase your organic rankings on Google.

If you’re going to do more and more shows, right? So in the beginning, which is why if you’re a guest, look for new shows, because they’re usually pretty flexible about who they let in. And then what ends up happening is that they start to tighten up the requirements.