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In addition, most apps have limited features that don’t match the options available on dedicated tracking devices. At BrickHouse Security, we considered the value of GPS tracking apps and chose to move away from that market, as dedicated GPS trackers have proven to be much more effective overall. In a world of greater uncertainty, we must constantly make an effort to ensure the safety of our families.

For example, if you go to a parking lot and notice that your car is gone, you can use your GPS tracker to see if it’s been towed. Or maybe your partner or teen should be home an hour ago and you want to know where they are. Let’s face it, not everyone texts or calls when seculife they arrive at their destination, sometimes it’s just not possible for them to do so. An app that automatically alerts you to your safe arrival gives you peace of mind and convenience. Alerts and notifications are an essential and useful feature of tracking devices.

You may also want to buy a portable magnetic case that provides durable protection for a GPS tracking unit and can be easily connected to any flat metal surface. In Australia, an estimated 20,000 people are reported missing each year. Modern parents can use some help and increased vigilance to keep their children safe. Technological advances have made it possible for parents to know their children’s location and keep an eye on them.

Many ethical questions arise when considering the use of GPS trackers for children. Many people doubt its use, for fear that they hinder the development of a child’s independence and ‘street intelligence’, as it were. After all, if mom and dad look over their child’s shoulder 24/7, the child may develop a false sense of security when they are alone. With a vehicle tracking device, you can find your car as soon as the theft is detected. The police will be able to find you quickly and will thank you for making your work easier and safer. In addition, insurance companies even offer a discount for vehicles that come with a GPS tracker.

There is now a wide range of safety apps, such as the GPS tracker for seniors or the GPS tracker for seniors that use a GPS signal to accurately identify your loved one’s location on a smartphone map. And not just location, these GPS trackers offer many more features to help you increase the safety of your family members. With location sharing apps, you can share your location with anyone of your choice in just a few steps, so family and friends can easily stay informed. Whether you want to know when your child comes home from school or make sure someone can find them in case of an emergency, there’s a wide selection of location sharing apps to choose from.

It is an incredibly versatile solution to various business problems. By enabling you to track the movement of your assets, GPS helps increase activity efficiency, reduce fuel costs, protect valuable cargo, and increase overall visibility and transparency of services. The GPS and Bluetooth capabilities of children’s trackers allow parents they use to verify their children’s location at all times. For parents who work on a busy schedule, GPS trackers are especially useful.