Move A Piano With And Without Piano Motors

In addition, interstate piano motors must have an adequate license to perform movements across the state. Now is not the time to get help from friends and try to put together this heavy move. It is always recommended to work with professionals when you move or send a piano. For long-distance movements, consolidated charging is the safest way to transport your piano. Consolidated charging services can be used to move a vertical piano, including old or relics. One of the reasons why you should use professional motors for your piano is that the process requires professional equipment.

As long as you balance the piano while moving it, it minimizes the chance of internal damage. Any person assigned to the lifting service must be held on the sides of the piano. Place a furniture platform under each side and gently turn it to the moving truck. When you get to the drive truck driveway, first roll the side with the copper keys. Take the time to ensure that it is properly balanced before it is released or starts to move.

Then wrap the pedals with a plastic wrap or cloth and attach them with duct tape. Finally, wrap the front, back and sides of the piano with a heavy, secure cloth with duct tape. Make sure to secure everything firmly and lay layers on the filling to ensure optimal protection while moving your vertical piano. If all goes well, you need to get a rolling platform or item to the right size known as a slider .

You should be aware of the weight of the vertical piano that will move to get enough labor when you move it. Small uprights start at 300 – 400 lbs, so they are even quite heavy. But no matter how big a piano is, it is still a very delicate musical instrument and as such should be treated with care.

Considering that pianos generally weigh between 300 and 1000 pounds (or more)! In an individual’s house, a piano is often the precious and expensive piece. Given the importance of a piano, it is extremely important that the instrument is treated with great care and that professionals travel even further.

It takes at least four people to move a piano efficiently, with two or three people lifting heavily and the others leading them to and from the moving truck or truck. However, you may need more depending on the size of the piano and the complexity piano moving companies reviews of the movement. Either way, moving a piano isn’t an easy task, so you want some strong friends by your side as the piano moves to make this possible. As we explained, this is a very valuable team from a sentimental and financial point of view.

It can be wise to avoid all problems and seek the help of someone who understands what you are doing. There are many reasons why you may need to save or send your piano separately. If you are in a short transition period, a storage unit or a PODS container may be an option if you take steps to protect your piano. If the piano is stored in an area of high humidity such as the southeast, you have to be very careful.

Then protect the piano by wrapping all sides with moving blankets and securing them securely with duct tape. Wrap the pedals and legs separately with moving blankets and attach them with duct tape. Make sure your piano motors stay after the move to help you reassemble your piano. Maintaining balance is your top priority, as it reduces the risk of damage inside. With each person in the elevator service on one side of the piano and a furniture platform on each side, roll the piano as smoothly as possible on the moving truck.

If you move a vertical piano, a “double wrist” system for the piano egg is useful. The advantage of using a specialized piano egg would be that the weight of the object moves to the wheels of the platform rather than the wheels of the piano. This should be used to transport the piano from the location to a large van with a driveway . Now that the piano can be easily moved on the rolling platform, transport it to the back of the truck. It is preferable to entrust this task to a professional piano company.