Hose Holder

Flat hose reels have different types of fasteners, from those mounted on trailers and skates to those mounted on trucks. They can withstand a single hose or several hoses, depending on their design. Flat hose reels contain 70% more hose than hard hose reels. They may have a manual or motorized drainage and backwash system.

Some other advantages is that the stand is not rusty and portable. The stand is made of steel and can withstand years of use and high temperatures. The reel is white, but you can always paint it if you want. For something firmer or an extra long hose you need a reel cart. This is a total game changer if you use a garden hose on a daily basis, as the cart does all the wrapping and unwinding. Designed for small to medium garden hoses, this Yard Butler reel is perfect for watering gardens with summer produce or keeping flower beds.

Unfortunately, you have to purchase mounting material separately because it is not included in the purchase. From Liberty Garden, this wall-mounted hose reel has an aluminum housing with a durable powder coating finish for increased rust resistance. Users can easily slanghouder pull the hose out before use and then use the crank to roll it up for storage. The hose guide carries the hose with it to prevent sprains during rolling and unwinding. This wall-mounted option can handle up to 200 feet of a standard 5/8-inch vinyl hose.

Some clients noted that assembly could be more difficult for the elderly or those with arthritis. The durable powder-coated finish provides effective weather resistance, so there is no reason to store it when not in use. It also has a handy basket that allows you to take all your garden supplies with you while you work. There’s even an ergonomically shaped handle if you want to wear it or store it indoors in adverse weather conditions.

Check out our favorites below and see which garden hose storage solution is best for your home and garden. Unlike plastic hose reels, this one has a strong weatherproof steel construction and many customers have reported that this product is extremely well made. This item is not portable and you need to screw it onto an object such as a wall. The biggest concern about this product is the fact that it is made of plastic.

If you’re convinced of the idea, read on for recommendations that work for different needs and outdoor spaces. If you have a large garden or landscape to keep track of, a garden hose reel cart on wheels is worth it. This NeverLeak aluminum trolley is specially designed to be lightweight while carrying up to 150 feet spiral hose. It’s also perfect for gardeners with limited mobility or arthritis, as this cart is easy to assemble and has padded handles and corners. In particular, they are mainly used in gardens and serve the same purpose as garden hose reels.