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These three essential stages of building a great video game require large teams of experienced professionals. By using third-party development studios, you can overcome many challenges related to talent and cost while gaining access to a broad portfolio of artists, developers, etc. Deciding to work with an outsourced software development team will prove to be an investment, so it’s important not to be too conservative with your budget. It’s especially true if an outsourcing agency gives you a low estimate to entice you and then increase the bill or lower the quality later.

Lower hourly rates become a secondary issue when the staffing issue causes game developers to spend time hiring a few extra designers. Time is money, especially in light of the tight development schedules inherent in the gaming industry. Game development outsourcing is a process of outsourcing the design, development and marketing of video games to third-party developers. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as online services or direct contact with game publishers. Subcontractors typically charge lower for their work than traditional game developers, but they may also require additional resources, such as team size and access to special software tools. When it comes to game development, outsourcing involves assigning various production responsibilities to third-party video game companies.

For this reason, most of them are initially relatively small teams that accumulate the internal potential to develop competitive products in the industry. This allows the company to bring together more experts to work on large projects, a richer portfolio over a significant period of time. Many developers are looking for a complete development team that already knows how to work together and has made many successful games together. This article explains the difference between an outsourcing game development company and independent game specialists.

What if a lack of communication between an in-house team and a contractor could turn the entire pipeline into a mess? Many anxious assumptions can come into the minds of game developers in the middle of a pretty clear opportunity to save and therefore gain significantly by outsourcing the art of the game. One of the viable solutions for an effective game development team is to refer to an IT outsourcing company.

If you’re looking for a true professional, it doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer, as the cost can be the same as that of outsourcing studios. Some 2D game art outsourcing studios offer a full range of 2D design services, from conceptualizing the game’s plot to refining finished objects in the game with VFX. Only a few 2D graphic subcontractors worldwide can introduce their own original 2D art styles. Even fewer can design custom 2D artwork that applies to video games. Upwork and TopTal offer visitors access to the profiles of hundreds of freelancers with experience in game development and years of experience.

Upwork is the leading provider of independent talent in the market, while TopTal positions itself as an exclusive network of freelancers with only the best developers. Developer profiles provide a complete picture of their experience and relevance to your project. Both platforms are perfect for working with individual freelancers and not so suitable when you need to hire a game development team.

In short, outsourcing the development of your game can be economical, time-saving and safe. You just need to select what type of outsourcing you want and familiarize yourself with the steps discussed here. At Newxel, you can get professional help to open your game studio in Ukraine and eventually turn game outsourcing company it into a research and development center. Regardless of the size of the studio, outsourcing allows the organization to build a large team of great artists, designers, producers, and developers. On the other hand, recruiting new resources takes more time during interviews, onboarding, and training.

The higher the proportion of outsourced design work, the more internal resources are freed up. The greater the benefit of the resources released, the cheaper the resulting game art outsourcing service. Game art outsourcing studios can provide a unique professional experience to any game development company. They help game developers impress their clients with unexpected artistic visions and vivid imagination. Even a very experienced game development company can’t know all the nuances of art design.

These activities can range from character creation, storyboards, music and animation to technical programming and quality testing. However, outsourcing can also involve delegating tasks to a third-party game developer or artist instead of a full-service studio. To take a closer look at your needs and select game developers, you need to consider the stages of game development. The first thing before you start looking for game development experts is to find a game idea and create a game concept. You need to understand what specific technologies will be introduced into your game. Without it, you can’t understand what kind of game specialists you need.

Many game development companies are hesitant to engage third-party contractors, especially if there is no previous successful experience in outsourcing video game art. Making game art is a somewhat sensitive subject that should not just be outsourced to someone outside of it. Similarly, it takes a lot of time and effort to build a game development team yourself that can efficiently connect with your goals and each other. By using a third-party service provider, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on recruitment, training, and onboarding. Outsourcing PC game development companies means that people can get comprehensive help during their project, from creation to post-launch support. The most typical reason why development studies are sought is to cut costs.