Fundraising Raffle Vs Silent Auction

Do not forget to specify the date, time, address of the place, company sponsors and other important details. You may also want to display a blurb or a video on the home page informing supporters about your organization and the purpose of holding an auction. Items offered at the auction have the “minimum requirements for the increase” indicated on their bid sheet.

For more information on how to help your organization exceed its fundraising goals, visit the website at, follow the blog of 501 auctions, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and link at. After that, your organization will need to make records of all your items in your auction program. The Item and Package Management module must contain fields so that you can enter all the important information about your items, including the item name and description.

Top Auction Tip helps organizations manage auction events with a web-based auction software for charity. This means that you can work from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet-enabled device and a Wi-Fi connection. Visual Auction provides organizations like you with an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly online auction software for charity. Perhaps the most popular item, which appears 5 times in the top-20 list, falls into the category of unique experience packages. Access to the VIP box at Beyonce’s concert, the opportunity to drive your dream car or a private tour of the Coca-Cola factory are some examples of experiences that we have seen well this year.

Compare this with the pen and paper system, where the average percentage of FMV is 40% -55%, and you can immediately see the advantage of silent auction technology. Bid provides fundraising event management services for schools and non-profit organizations. More than 6,700 customers have used the bidding platform to conduct successful online auctions, reach new target groups and more than collect.160 Million for their cases. Non-profit organizations use silent auctions to collect donations in an attractive way. Instead of just asking for donations, a silent auction offers donors the opportunity to actively participate in an event and maybe even make an exciting purchase. In addition, since the auctioned items were donated to the organization, the non-profit organization does not lose money if it buys them and gets the full benefit from the auction.

Organizers often have a question about whether the retail value of the item is displayed on the offer sheet or not. We can say that it is usually not a good idea to include prices in your offer sheets. This is because this can create a glass ceiling in the minds of your guests about how much they should try. Alternatively, you can increase the perceived value of the item, which can affect bids more than the selling price.

For example, some non-profit organizations hold a live and silent auction during the same event . Some hold an online auction before a silent auction in order to reduce the number of goods to be exhibited. At givepotter, we like to keep things simple – that’s why silent auctions are at the bottom of our list of the most popular fundraisers. If you are looking for a fun alternative solution for silent auctions, you are in luck. Below we present 10 alternatives to silent auction to raise money for your cause.

Silent auctions usually require a lot of work for a much lower reward. It is more work to retrieve all these items, display them and create bid sheets for them. Once the silent auction is over, there are more items to create invoices and deliver to bidders. Silent auctions are a good option if the auction is held as part of another event – an annual dinner or something similar.

Presenters must be physically present and have the opportunity to inspect the product before submitting their offers. Conduct a silent auction with Interested bidders and participants will automatically receive event notifications from Facebook. But you need to constantly remind them of the time, the remaining days, the auction items for bidding and the process about posts on your page.

Live auctions usually bring bids close to or above the market value of items, while silent auctions bring in only about half of their market value. An expensive holiday for six people is likely to receive higher bids in a live or online auction than in a silent auction. Even people looking for a bargain can get caught up in the work at a live auction and spend a lot of money to remember that “it was for a silent auction ideas good reason.” Donorperfect provides the perfect online charity auction software for non-profit organizations to easily manage their event attendees and invitations. If you like the traditional feel of a silent auction, your nonprofit can still print paper bid sheets and your catalog of items. But don’t worry, you can easily add this data back to the program to create invoices and maintain checkout speed.