Five Rules For The Use Of Jewelry

Here it is better not to exaggerate with the amount. However, if you put a gold watch and a silver ring in one hand, or vice versa, that package seems inappropriate. When choosing games in stores, it is recommended to start choosing earrings and then select a chain, a ring and a bracelet. Do you think meaningful jewellery Australia during dressing that the earrings or necklace on your jewelry box fits perfectly with the dress?? Remember that some carefully chosen jewelry will always make you look better than a lot of randomly used jewelry. When choosing jewelry components for events, make sure the metal mix is complementary.

Too much jewelry can overshadow an outfit while choosing the wrong pieces, leaving them completely unnoticed. Statement pieces, bold jewelry and too many layers in the office should be avoided, while diamonds, gems and inheritance pieces are ideal for formal events. Daily minimum jewelry can be used anywhere, anywhere; Explain the pieces for an evening or remove them for an office-enabled jewelry style. Create a collection of capsule jewelry and it will be covered regardless of the occasion.

If you don’t have a matching metal for everything, that’s fine, don’t be self-conscious and just use it. If you can get everything to work together, consider it and the overall result will be better. All decorations should match character as much as possible, but variation is allowed in bracelets. In addition to the occasion, you must tailor your jewelry to the material of your clothing. Large accessories generally do not combine well with delicate fabrics, such as silk and satin. If you are wearing a transparent or woven blouse, it is recommended not to wear pointed chains or hanging chains.

The perfect opportunity to play with color, size and texture, just like layered chains, you can slowly build your collection to create different styles for each setup. In addition to the biological risks of wearing jewelry, jewelry can pose physical risks to your customers. Think about what could happen if your bracelet, watch, earring or ring fell on food. Jewelry can even cause cuts or ulcers in someone’s mouth or throat. Less is more, it is not a feeling that everyone lives for.

Whether it’s a ring, a chain or a pair of earrings, getting fat with a single statement is the perfect way to celebrate your personal style and get your attention. Again, they are generally worn by men who don’t feel like wearing a uniform, but who see clothes as an expression of their personal style and enjoy them. Traditionally, warp bars, clips and pins were only used with very narrow chains because they could not be large.

So if you wear a white tie or a black tie, you don’t have to wear that watch and it was historically acceptable to do that. Twins for daywear are generally only made of gold or silver without bold diamonds that are clear and striking. Of course, some gems are different because they are less noticeable; they just pick up a color on your tie.

You can also buy new earrings that will grab your attention and add a variety and interest to your jewelry collection.

If you agree, she is a woman who likes to wear necklaces, bracelets and earrings. If you enjoy your fashion like that, be yourself and don’t change anything. If you prefer discreet jewelry, nothing bad will happen if you add a pair of rings to the bracelet and earrings. The danger of looking like a “Christmas tree” can await lovers of shiny or large jewelry.

If you wear a watch chain today, add a signature vintage look to your look, and people generally only do that if they really like clothes. Personally, I like to wear an Albert double chain with a hole in a double knot card because it has a symmetrical look, a small key ring and is very elegant in my mind. Believe it or not, your makeup represents 50% of your overall appearance. If your makeup is long and shiny, it is essential to stick to complicated jewelry rather than striking pieces that ruin the first impression.