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A high-end powder coating kit such as a Wagner Sprint system offers KV in the 100 range. Conversely, medium or low-end coating equipment that could sell for a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars can only offer KV configurations of only 25 KV or less. Ultimately, this will provide less flexibility when it comes to unique dust applications and possibly reduce the total amount of dust you have powder coating machine applied to the target at any given time. The three most common home powder coatingsets currently on the market come from The Eastwood Company and Harbor Freight Tools. Eastwood is a leading provider of all kinds of tools and products for car or professional restoration and customization enthusiasts. Eastwood offers two slightly different versions of the popular HotCoat powder coating system.

A drying oven is often used to evaporate the remaining chemicals in the article. Not all powder coating applications include pre-treatment of the metal before powder coating, but you may sometimes consider washing the product well and enhancing rust resistance with a solution such as iron phosphate. If you need to consider a washing process before powder coating, you can expect a significant investment due to permissions, after all tanks and the like.

Heating can help achieve a more uniform finish, but it can also cause other problems, such as runs caused by excess dust. Regardless of which type of spray booth is added, a powder coating structure must be seamlessly integrated into a production line. This integration is easier with batch booths because they are generally independent and can be used to finish large amounts of products in batches, often made manually by powder gun sprayers.

The powder coating is applied as a dry powder by means of an electrostatic process and then cured with heat. It is known for providing high-quality finishes in terms of functionality and overall appearance. According to a market report prepared in August 2016 by Grand View Research, Inc.

Same with spray equipment, your curing oven should be able to contain the volume of the parts you want to cover with powder. If you are going to produce small parts, you may only need to buy a small oven. On the other hand, the powder-coated automatic bodywork or large parts would require a larger oven, such as an oven without an appointment. Regardless of the size of the curing furnace, you must have a tub that you can fill with solvent to clean the parts. A drying room must also be cleared so that you can hang freshly cured parts.

The powder spray booth is designed to keep the rest of your store clean and provide a well-lit space to apply powder coating. If the exhaust works properly and the filters are stored, the airflow in the cabin must maintain the overpulverization within the housing and show the painter what he is doing. If your retail environment contains welding or blasting areas, filtered doors in the spray booth can keep airborne contaminants out of their powder coating. As mentioned above, substrate materials must be able to withstand the temperature requirements of the curing phase to be suitable for powder coating applications.