Currently 20 Of The Best Activities In San Diego, From Beaches To Zoos

If you want to shop after all the tourism, there are numerous shops to choose from in the open-air market in the old town. From folk art to unique memories of the Pacific, there is nothing better than the Old Town Market. Here you can search more than 40 unique shops that specialize in Mexico handicrafts and contemporary fashion. Buy a cool Mexican wrestling mask from Blanket Supply or see accessories and women’s clothing in the Amore Collection! Casa de Aguirre is an important landmark on the old town market as it shows the life and traditions of the settlers of the old town, the first city in San Diego. The original Adobe house, the house of Don José Aguirre and his family, was built in 1853.

Along the glittering waters of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego has a variety of incredible museums and historic tourist attractions, many of which are related to its rich maritime heritage. There are also many great shops and restaurants littered with sparkling bar scenes and nightlife in Mission and Pacific Beach. Balboa Park is home to world-class museums, well-tended gardens and the world-famous San Diego Zoo, and is at the top of the list of attractions in the city of San Diego. Its 1,200 lush hectares form the largest city park in the United States. If you are interested in military history, you should visit the USS Midway Museum.

Fortunately, San Diego has many entertaining social distancing options available. Whether you’re visiting a historic landmark or strolling through a lush garden, there are many recognized social distancing activities worth discovering. These are some of the options yacht charters san diego california in San Diego that are open with appropriate social distancing protocols. It has a lot of green spaces, flora and fauna, of course, but it contains 15 museums, a carousel, a miniature train, the famous San Diego Zoo and the historic Old Globe Theater.

Balboa Park has many free, affordable things families can explore. The beautiful beaches are another wonderful place to spend a warm day in San Diego. Whether you share the dizziness at Point Loma, have fun on the Promenade in Mission Beach or want sun on the cliffs of La Jolla, there is a beach that is perfect for your family. San Diego, a typical coastal city in California, welcomes visitors with perfect weather and a surprising variety of activities. Within the huge city limits you can climb mountains, go on desert walks and surf on one of the many palm-lined beaches. You can also learn about Spanish and military colonial history and eat fresh seafood and Mexican cuisine as you wish.

Visit the San Diego Zoo to see more than 4,000 unique, rare and endangered animals in this popular family visitor destination. Book a day to explore this family attraction with exotic animals such as giant pandas, gorillas, grizzly bears, koalas, leopards, bonobos, polar bears, rhinos and sloths. The zoo also shows a collection of more than 700,000 plants from around the world. Get on the Kangaroo Express Bus or Skyfari Air Tram and continue exploring. To fully explore all the beautiful sights, plan two or three days or spend a day visiting the most interesting places for your family. Take a look at our publication on the sights of Balboa Park and activities to learn more about tickets, museums and more in Balboa Park.