Cremation Urns, Unique Funeral Urns, Cost And How To Choose An Urn

Souvenir urns come in smaller sizes and are usually used by people who live far apart and wish to share the cremated remains of a loved one. This allows family and close friends to share a commemoration of the deceased. Souvenir urns are also used when a family scatters the ashes of the deceased and wants to keep a small portion of the remains. This type of urn can be found in many different shapes, styles, and materials.

Decorated with spiritual messages, images, and themes, religious urns can serve as a reminder that most modern religious leaders have carefully considered the issue and concluded that cremation has no negative effect on the soul. Religious urns are often designed to specifically capture the theme of “ashes to ashes,” which for many is both an environmental and spiritual concern. Sometimes more than one family member will want to keep some of the remains as a personal monument.

For more information on sizing an urn, see our article Cremation Urn Sizes. If the ashes are to be distributed among family or friends, symbolic or souvenir cremation urns should be chosen. You’ll need to figure out how many tokens or souvenirs you need based on the total number of cremated remains, how many people want an urn, and the maximum total capacity of each urn. Size is the first thing to consider as you begin your search for a mourning door. All cremation products designed to contain cremated remains have a certain capacity or volume, which is usually measured in cubic centimeters. As a rule, one cubic centimeter of cremated remains is approximately equal to one pound of body mass before cremation.

Most of the urns for babies and children are decorated in the playful and hopeful scenes of childhood; the same scenes that capture the most uplifting spirit of man in other contexts. The designs of these urns are really meant to remind us of the brilliant mind, infinite love, and ultimate connection a parent feels with their child, rather than the tragedy of losing them. If a child is going to get lost, it is our duty to remember and pass on that child’s positive memories, and the designs of these lovely urns are meant to do just that. The urns for babies and children remind us that although a child has lived a shorter life and almost everyone would have wanted to, his arrival into the world, even if only briefly forever, has changed humanity in a positive and hopeful way.

Today, cemeteries in communities large and small offer a variety of permanent memorial opportunities for their cremation families. From the traditional burial on the ground to the urn in a columbarium or mausoleum niche, the type of urn you select depends on what you plan to do with the cremated remains. We may be a bit biased, but we have worked hard to create and assemble the best collection of beautiful cremation urns, eco-friendly biodegradable urns, and funeral urn vaults around the world. So you’ll forgive us for thinking urns Northwest is the best place on Earth to find the urn and/or vault for your loved one’s ashes. You don’t have to have an urn to store your loved one’s cremated remains. Some people keep their loved one’s ashes in the plastic bag and cardboard box they got from the funeral home.

Your loved one’s cremations can be stored in a temporary container until your custom urn is completed. Consider looking for an urn on Etsy, especially if you’re looking for a unique piece to hold your loved one’s remains. The urns you purchase through Perfect Memorials can be highly customized. At an additional cost, you can choose to have the custom urn with your loved one’s name, dates of birth and death, and a quote. A wide range of styles and themes are available to reflect different professions, interests and hobbies.

Hobby urns are a relatively new product in the memorial industry, and the most popular hobby urns to date appear to be motorcycle-themed hobby urns. Many motorcycle enthusiasts are known, seeing these unique hobby urns available at a reasonable price, to quickly buy one and proudly display one in their home, even before their death. “That’s where I’m going,” they cheerfully say to their friends and family who come to visit and see the empty hobby urn lying on a shelf.

For those souvenir urns that cannot be directly customized, there are easels that may contain engraving and can be displayed next to or in front of the souvenir urn. One way a souvenir cremation infant urn urn differs from an individual cremation urn and an accompanying cremation urn is in terms of size. A souvenir urn is much smaller than the two types of cremation urns mentioned above.

Therefore, all the ashes of a person weighing 200 pounds before cremation would fit in a cremation urn with a capacity volume of about 200 cubic centimeters or more. If you plan to have a permanent memorial in a cemetery, in other words, bury the urn, then you have a wide selection of cremation urns. You may want to check out the cultivated marble urns, as they are especially popular for burial on land. Non-permanent urns are usually made of paper, but you can also find them made of salt, corn starch, gelatin, or other degradable materials.