Buy Coconut Bowls And Spoons

You can also use our coconut shells for things like storing your jewelry or as a key bowl. Coconut shells are extremely strong in contrast to clay, porcelain and glass. These coconut shells are cleaned several times with natural coconut oil before being packed and transported.

Then, they are handmade by skilled artisans in the same rural community. That means you can have peace of mind knowing you’re helping to maintain a local community and promote the talents of rural artisans when you own a coconut bowl. With so many different ideas you can use for your coconut shells, there’s really no need for us to keep using plastic. Available research shows that a plant-based lifestyle is the best decision one can make for one’s own health and for the environment. Coconut can be used in the garden, to plant small succulents or to fill with water for birds.

Flaxseed oil – or a food safe means that lacquer/waterproof coconut shells. Other options include generic vegetable oil, walnut coconut bowls wholesale oil, or even extra virgin coconut oil. Food-grade mineral oil mixed with beeswax is suitable for items you plan to wash a lot.

They are surprisingly simple and cost-effective to make and yet they are an impressive gift. In addition, these coconut shells are 100% natural and free of BPA, toxins, synthetic materials, plastics, etc. A bowl of coconut is a great device for an environmentally friendly way of life. They are made entirely from coconut shells, are one hundred percent natural, biodegradable, compostable and do not produce waste. We at Valuearth use discarded shells to make these beautiful coconut shells. When your coconut bowl cracks or breaks, you don’t have to worry about throwing it away.

Because this can cause them to crack or even soften the shell, making it vulnerable to bacteria and fungi. Next, we sand the outside and inside of the coconut shells to create a smooth finish and finally polish them with virgin coconut oil. Charlotte Ross The slogan of Coconut Bowls is ‘made by nature, handmade’. Each scale is reused and renewed as a unique and unique resource for people around the world.

Therefore, these bowls are perfectly suited for a sustainable lifestyle, as they give a new purpose to coconut waste. Your coconut shells need a little more care than regular tableware, despite being quite durable. It is recommended to wash coconut shells by hand and do not soak them in water, to keep them beautiful and strong for a long time.

They help reduce coconut waste, promote sustainable agriculture and encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle. In addition, they are biodegradable, compostable and completely handmade and prevent the depletion of natural materials. Finally, buying these coconut shells from Rainforest Bowls can help restore trees in rainforests. Our eco-friendly bowls can be cleaned with warm soapy water/ warm soapy water.

The account posts pictures of healthy meals served in these bowls that always look super tasty and fun, so I decided to order some for myself. I went to the official site of Coconut Bowls, where I learned that these bowls are much more than trendy dishes at home or to go. 95% of the 50 billion coconuts grown annually are owned by 10 million farmers, most of whom live in Southeast Asia.