Basic Security Rules For Weapons To Teach Children And Adults

Common sense determines the safest direction, depending on the different circumstances. Every year people accidentally shoot themselves or others, although fortunately these statistics tended to go down. In addition to “monster accidents” such as rebounds (where the shooter is unlikely to have followed the following two safety rules), this means that he has probably violated the second weapon safety rule.

Don’t shoot unless you know exactly what your shot will hit. Make sure your ball doesn’t harm anyone or anything other than your target. Shooting a move or sound without being absolutely sure of what you are shooting is a disregard for the safety of others. No goal is so important that you cannot take the time before you pull the trigger to be absolutely sure where your shot ends. Never touch the trigger with a firearm until you really want to shoot.

Overwatch does not advocate the removal of firearms from legal weapon owners, especially without a proper process, as many of the so-called “Red Flag” laws do. It’s just about offering help, including a plan to thwart impulsive actions. For more information on activities in this situation, see We have all been taught these primary safety rules to prevent injuries, and they should be followed by anyone who comes into contact with a firearm, regardless of their firearms experience.

Almost every year, a Florida hunter or other close friend or loved one injures himself by not following this rule. No hunter should have a firearm loaded Armory Den into a vehicle, including an ATV. If you are hunting with a partner, it is best to load and unload your firearms with your back to your partner’s back.

You and the safe weapon handling procedures you have learned are the main guarantees of your weapon. This rule is another way to ensure that you do not unintentionally pull the trigger when handling your weapon. If you patrol or enter and exit vehicles or narrow spaces, your safety switch may hang on the gearbox. This rule avoids negligent discharges by ensuring that you keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to fire your weapon. Always make sure that your goal goes beyond that before you pull the trigger. Gun balls and shotgun explosions always have right of way.

Some other groups, known as “weapon security”, often support gun owners by demanding stricter weapon legislation or by completely banning weapons. Here is an arms security group that works with us to promote weapon security. Stolen weapons are most involved in crimes, a statistic that is 400,000 a year. The idea that others hold their hands on my weapon without my supervision hits all the wrong nerves.

Then I will add a number of additional rules that I have collected in my life and that I believe everyone else can benefit from. This means storing your weapons so that no unauthorized person can access them. Contact Sporting Systems for information on the proper storage of weapons.

Let your children deal with their weapons with their permission and under their supervision. Show them how to check if the camera and magazine are empty. Now teach them that they only touch a trigger if they want the weapon to fire. Open the action before loading your weapon and make sure that there is no ammunition in the camera or magazine.

It is your responsibility to prevent unauthorized children and adults from accessing firearms or ammunition. These rules have kept me safe and responsible with my weapon, but I recently learned that there may be additional measures that I can apply. The Firearms Security Alliance (a project by is doing its part to educate you about the rest of the story.

Be within reach that the snouts always point up, down or down. Keep control of the ammunition yourself and distribute the mussels individually. Children will be conscientiously careful with the muzzle control until they fire a shot. In the thrill of hearing the gun go off, they will turn to you, swing the gun, or drop it to point your toes.