Acrylicite® Led Light Guide Edge Plates

These products keep your acrylic polished with minimal effort and new plastic. plastic welding rods are of the highest quality and are made of premium resin. Buy the best welding rods for strong sealing and the best quality of plastic welding. Plastic welding rods, also known as thermoplastic welding rods, are round or triangular cross sections used to connect two separate pieces of plastic.

One of the biggest advantages of using acrylic plastic instead of glass is that, although more durable, it also weighs 50% less than glass. Whether made in molten or extruded shapes, acrylic is cheaper and remains 10 times impact resistant than glass. Due to its incredible durability, acrylic can be used in a wide temperature range and has superior weather resistance compared to glass and other plastic shapes. Low high impact, it will not break and if it breaks it will break into large pieces with opaque edges.

Cast acrylic has a better ability to heat up and is known for its superior surface finish and optical properties. Cast acrylic is also more scratch resistant than extruded acrylic. Cast acrylic is also preferred over extruded in applications that require machining, such as engine lathe or milling / drilling. Extruded acrylic, with much less thermal stability, tends to melt and clog clog cutting tools. Even at low speeds and plenty of coolant, extruded acrylic does not produce the surface finish and tight tolerances that can be achieved with cast acrylic. They are popular with their smooth surface polishing and crystal clear clarity.

This is an important safety feature for applications such as shower doors, plexiglass windows, sliding doors and enclosures built for hockey courts and ball fields. Acrylic tubes are also ideal for applications such as aquariums, financial gravestones, sales displays, promotional gifts, etc. At WeProFab we have cast a series of acrylic and extrusion tubes.

We offer expert possibilities of complex acrylic welding, laser processing or simply cutting material to size. Our goal is to provide not only plastic production, but also customer satisfaction. Our value-added products can help you become a leader in your industry. Using acrylic sheets for different applications has many valuable advantages. Acrylic plastic is lightweight, but extremely durable and malleable at the same time.

The molten and extruded tube offers several advantages for the product. The cast iron pipes minimize stress, so many stronger plexiglass rods products are expected. If you are looking for the strongest and clearest tube, the WeProFab acrylic tube is for you.

PLEXIGLAS® GS and XT pipes / bars can be cut, sanded, drilled, etc. with the right tools. They require high cutting speeds and effective cooling because their low heat conductivity can easily lead to overheating and local thermal stress. Excess friction, especially with PLEXIGLAS® XT, can cause melting, leading to a sticky surface and difficult machining. Drilling should never be done without using water-based cooling lubricant (p. E.g. an emulsion). To eliminate internal stress, it may be necessary to recover.

While there are some rules regarding acrylic care and cleaning, it is an easy to maintain material. When cleaning acrylic with light imperfections and dirt, it is recommended to use a damp microfibre cloth and to erase the material. Do not use rough paper towels as they do not remove scratches and may accidentally cause them. Also, avoid ammonia-based products such as Windex or other glass cleaners for the home as they contain harmful chemicals that damage the surface and make it cloudy. When cleaning and maintaining acrylic, the simplest and safest measure is to use soapy water or Novus products.

Plas – Tech is the leading distributor of plastic materials such as sheets, bars and pipes in the GTA and throughout North America. We sell high-quality plastics, including the best brands such as Acrylite®, Lexan® and Plexiglas ®. Find all our products below, including product numbers for easy reference. The acrylic sheet has glass-like properties (clarity, clarity and transparency), but with half the weight and often the impact strength of glass. From durable plates and skylights to striking accessories, displays and store shelves, acrylic plastics offer excellent versatility, durability and aesthetic properties.