A Guide To Whisky Glasses

A whisky tumbler is a classic glass and a staple in every cabinet. While you can use this glass for drinking neat whisky, it’s best used for whisky on the rocks or whisky in cocktails. Its large, flat base makes it ideal for muddling cocktails and the versatile shape is a great receptacle for large ice cubes. It’s a timeless glass that promises to let the whisky speak for itself while maintaining a casual, laid back approach no matter which bottle you’re sipping. For sipping, we recommend something akin to the Glencairn or the NEAT, which are essentially whiskey-specific snifters that are much smaller than the brandy version.

Tulip-style snifters have smaller tapered reservoirs with substantial bases that allow you to hold them from the stem, preventing your hand from warming the whiskey. This Whiskey Glasses Buying Guide will answer every question you have about how to buy whiskey glasses online. First, Whisky Glasses Australia I walk through the various types of whiskey glasses there are as well as talk about the difference between whiskey, whisky, and bourbon. The goal here is to help people understand the difference between a whiskey tumbler, snifter, and tulip shaped glasses, among others.

Of course, it’s typically handwash-only and can be rather expensive. However, according to the FDA, the occasional drink taken from a leaded crystal glass shouldn’t pose too much of an issue, unless you’re pregnant or plan on becoming so. The Spey Tumblers are heavily weighted at the bottom, guaranteeing a sturdy, measured sip every time.

And that’s where these crystal whiskey glasses come into play; they are based on the very glassware used in the now-defunct bar. Even without the history, these glasses would be special, but the story certainly puts them over the top. If you are serious about enjoying the nose of your whiskey and want to get the most out of the bottles you buy, you might want to try the NEAT glass. Particularly great for Japanese whisky, this is a vessel made with love—development lasted nine years and took 52 design revisions. Made from Slovakian’s finest lead-free, dishwasher-safe crystalline, the glass features a wide bowl that holds a 1.5-ounce pour at the apex.

Mofado takes whisky glasses seriously, with a crystal design that’s currently awaiting its patent. Hand-blown with a thick bottom, these whisky tumblers feature premium craftsmanship designed for enthusiasts who enjoy an oversized ice cube and a large serving of whisky. Norlan’s modern, lightweight design offers a premium whisky drinking experience with a glass that’s just calling out to be sipped from. It’s a whisky glass that enhances the drink itself, inspired by nature and digitally crafted to capture whisky’s complex flavours and aromatics.