A Guide To Buying Your First Tractor

Make sure you understand all the capabilities of the tractor, the history before the time of purchase, as well as any repairs and replacements that may have been made in the past. Again, it’s a matter of tractor size, so you’re less concerned when measuring with pulling power. Many manufacturers have already experimented with powerful engines on small tractors and vice versa, so they chose based on their need for fittings and work. This allows the manufacturer to have a cheap tractor for a certain power.

A smaller tractor will not destroy the garden like a heavier tractor will, and the medium mounting cover will provide a cleaner cut. If you cut a 20-hectare field, you may need a larger tractor with a rotating cutter to get the job done faster. What is the priority of the tasks you want to participate in??

Sometimes we can offer you package deals, including the tractor and fittings at a very good price. A 3% reduction in horsepower per 1000 feet above sea level is approximately average. Therefore, a tractor used in Colorado needs an engine with a higher definition than one at sea level to do the same amount of work. And engine wear as you age will also reduce your power, making good maintenance a must. Compact tractors are more versatile and slightly more expensive. Stronger models can even be used to pack small hectares of hay with a small square baler.

There are different tractors of different sizes, each with different horsepower and therefore different capacities to power accessories and tools. The most important thing to remember is that tractors have to do with work. But you don’t always want to focus on the price when buying a new tractor. A high-quality tractor lasts longer and saves you money over time. Make sure you learn what comes standard and what will be extra.

Your dealer will recommend the correct tire size and tread style. Consider a tractor with a gas station that makes the machine and accessories easy to operate for new owners and more comfortable for drivers who plan to spend long hours behind the wheel. Find out if the charger is within reach, built into the side console.

Also keep in mind that all tractors at higher altitudes lose some power. Expect a 3% reduction in horsepower for every 1000 feet above sea level. Make sure to take this into account when looking at the smallest Massey Ferguson Tractors For Sale and lowest tractors. Working on wet or mountainous terrain will also cause power loss. And as the engine ages, wear will decrease power, especially if you don’t practice proper routine maintenance.