20 Best Places To Visit In Italy For An Epic Trip

Although ideal for taking pictures, the place is where you really want to be in the Terme di Saturnia road complex, where the hotel’s guest pool is a natural crater, with water bubbling straight from the fountain. Many visit a day trip to stroll through the streets and alleys of the old town, the first and second defense towers, the palace and the old sentry post. Many visitors even choose to get a special passport stamp, because it is technically their own country! For those who have more time to visit San Marino, you can explore deeper with short walks along Monte Titano on which San Marino is located, or attend the annual medieval festival, which it is famous for. Our experience of seeing Lago d’Iseo for the first time was love at first sight. Not as touristy as the other lakes, surrounded by the Franciacorta wine region and with spectacular views!

Riva del Garda Famous for the mountain-covered waters of Lake Garda and Como, this super elegant and prosperous region of Northern Italy is really worth a visit. Expect good weather, excellent food inspired by Swiss and Austrian cuisines and some of the most dramatic mountain landscapes on this side of the Aosta Valley. No list of the best places to visit in Italy would be complete without mentioning the Verona fair. Famous for Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare, this city has a rich cultural past and was founded in the 1st century BC. State that you are visiting Venice and are likely to be told that it is so busy, one of the most popular places in Italy, and that it is no longer worth a visit.

There are many impressive walks in the steep mountains that rise above the Amalfi coast. I could spend months on the Amalfi coast visiting every city and walking every walk. But Italy’s main attractions for tourists are not all art and architecture; The country is blessed with lakes, mountains and a dramatic coastline that also offers excellent natural attractions.

You may want to consult this handy travel guide in Rome to plan a perfect trip to Rome. In my opinion, the wild experience of just you and the sea only makes this a place worth visiting. On Friday there is a large flea market where you can also try the authentic Italian rate. My favorite memory is a visit to Villa Rufolo, one of the two famous villas in Ravello, which italija has now been revived for music, art, gardens, food and photography customers. The beautiful 13th-century buildings, towers and gardens were renovated in the 19th century, making it popular for visitors from all over the world. The gardens overlooking the blue water are probably the most photographed because of the vibrant colors and perfectly groomed flower beds.

Simply apply for the Italian visa and once you have it at hand, just book your itinerary and start your journey to this beautiful place. Of course, the unique channel is no match for La Serenissima, but where Venice feels like a piece of the past, this is a completely modern city on the water. Previously, it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and it shows.

Closer to Cinque Terre in Liguria than Florence, Garfagnana is blessed by the cool weather and breathtaking scenery of the Appennini, and remains largely off-tour radar. I would hardly find another foreigner if I sailed through the streets of Piazza al Serchio, the main town of Garfagnana and the rail connection. If you are looking for the best places to visit in Italy, you should add Cinque Terre to your travel wish list. The Italian name Cinque Terre is translated in English as “Five Lands” and refers to the five coastal cities of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. The area is a National Park and other small towns are scattered around it, but the five towns along the coast are the best known and most visited.

No one can deny that this small town is incredibly popular with tourists. However, the magic of Venice remains intact, especially for travelers who want to go beyond the major tourist sites. They are perfectly beautiful villages, located on the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean.