10 Fun Facts About Human Teeth

The hard, white part you can see is called ’email’.”Your icing means you can chew on food without hurting the soft part underneath. Hundreds of years ago, people tried to cure tooth decay by boiling dog teeth in wine . People brushed their teeth with twigs or fingers before toothbrushes were invented.

An abscess is a bacterial infection in the tooth and if ignored or untreated it can spread from the mouth, affecting the jaw, neck and eventually the brain. Contrary to what we see on television or in dentcenter.ch movies, healthy teeth are not bright white. Instead, our teeth are naturally whitish in color. Dentine, the layer under the enamel, is yellow. The number one chronic disease for children is caries.

That is why we supplement our high-quality services, affordable treatments and friendly staff with a wide range of dental news and dental advice. The average person spends only 48 seconds brushing his teeth. Unfortunately, this means that the dental problems that occur under the gums are difficult to notice. Problems such as gum disease may not show clear signs. Despite the hardness, we still have to take care of our enamel.

Eric Kitts has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years. Dr. Kitts and his wife like to spend time with their two children skiing, camping and cheering on the Seahawks. The plaque contains millions of bacteria, consisting of 200 to 300 different species. The main culprit for ill-health of teeth are Streptococcus mutans, which convert sugar and other carbohydrates into acids that eat teeth.

This is because it can eventually lead to malnutrition, speak problems, cause learning difficulties and lead to more serious health problems. In short, if you think your child has caries, it is time for your next appointment with the dentist. There are hundreds to thousands of types of bacteria that often occur in the human mouth. This can be a “nice fact” that you want to save on holiday after dinner, but it is true! According to the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, all these different types of bacteria fulfill different functions.